BAKU, Azerbaijan – On April 13, 2024, within the framework of the International Conference “Smart Environment and Green Technologies”, a round table was held: “Green Business Education in Eurasia”.

The event brought together leading experts from universities and business schools from Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Uzbekistan, which have signed the Eurasian Charter of Business Education, strengthening cooperation in the field of “green” education.

The discussions touched upon critical aspects of Eurasian green education standards formation, including mutation of educational systems, ecosystem issues, cultural context and philosophy of green business education. These topics emphasized the diversity of approaches and the common goal of sustainable development in the region.

Odlar Yurdu University, as a member of the Business Eurasia Alliance, has become a platform in Baku to promote green educational technologies in business education.

This step reflects the Alliance’s commitment to develop “green” business education as part of a broad international program to train specialists able to work effectively in the new economic reality.

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