🌎 An international conference titled “Eurasian Integration: Promoting High Technologies through Business Education” was held in Bukhara under the auspices of the “Business Eurasia” project. This significant event was organized by Southern University (IMBL) and the Bukhara Engineering and Technology Institute with the support of the Eurasian Universities Union (EURAS) and Baktat – a renowned company in the food industry producing and distributing Turkish food products worldwide.

✍During the meeting, a framework investment memorandum was signed between the Bukhara Engineering and Technology Institute, Baktat corporation, the International Educational Alliance “Business Eurasia,” and Southern University (IMBL). The goal of the memorandum is to establish an International Educational Platform – Ali Baklan Academy – at the Bukhara Engineering and Technology Institute. Ali Baklan, a Turkish entrepreneur and chairman of the board of Baktat, actively supports this project.

📱The implementation of these projects, which include School, a Digital Faculty, and a Technological Business School, is carried out within the framework of Uzbekistan’s Strategy-2030 and contributes to the development of new educational standards and technologies.

💡In particular, the Phygital School, being implemented for the first time in Uzbekistan, can become a catalyst for the formation of a new generation of managers. These projects will facilitate the integration of Eurasian countries, including Russia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan, through digital tools. In a rapidly changing world, they will help instill digital consciousness in the younger generation, which is highly relevant today.

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